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Exploring the Realm of Para-Athletes: The Intersection of Sports and Superhuman Strength

When it comes to the world of sports, a certain segment often gets overlooked - the para-athletes. These extraordinary individuals defy the odds, showcasing exceptional strength, resilience, and determination in the face of physical impairments. Let's shed a little light on the extensive sport knowledge required to understand these athletes' journey, their classification, and the pathway to becoming a Paralympian. Para-athletes are, in essence, athletes who have a health condition that results in some form of disability. However, their impairments don't hinder their sportsmanship spirit but rather, adds a new dimension to it. The world of para-sport is a testament to how the human spirit can triumph over physical constraints.

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Volt Athletics' CEO Dan Giuliani talks about the importance of mental health in his own life personally and professionally. Giuliani specifically shares about mental health through the lens of entrepreneuership and how he can see the conversation around mental health in professional settings changing.