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Fueling with Olympic Weightlifter Abby Raymond

Learn what it takes to get all the nutrition that an Olympic Weightlifter needs by exploring the diet of Abby Raymond. There are many constraints that an elite athlete must consider in their diet, including anti-doping rules, so Raymond uses a food-first approach. The food-first approach is a diet that does not need any nutritional supplementation outside of what the food itself already provides.

Keeping Youth Athletes Safe in a Virtual World During COVID-19

Sean Jensen interviews SafeSport CEO Ju'Riese Colon about how protocols may change with all team sessions happening virtually during the Covid-19 lockdown. Parents are urged to outline behavioral expectations for online activities, where abuse is common. Many of the same guidelines for coaches should be followed in the same way, such as no private/1-on-1 time between coaches and youth athletes. The article closes with tips for coaches, parents, and athletes, about navigating some of these issues.