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Overcoming Poor Coaching Habits: Understanding How Your Coaching Impacts Your Players

We all talk a good game when pointing out the pivotal role sport leaders play in shaping the WHOLE athlete; however, ineffective coaching can lead to detrimental outcomes, affecting athletes' performance, motivation, and overall well-being. This article delves into the effects of poor coaching, drawing from research studies and practical insights. It also provides recommendations on how we as coaches can move away from "old school" coaching habits that lack merit and perhaps no longer reach the digital native athletes that now inhabit our fields and courts.

Winning Matters, but Youth Coaches Shouldn’t Let It Consume Them. Here are Some Tips.

Mark Uyl has been watching, coaching or refereeing Michigan high school sports for three decades. The hundreds of games he has seen, especially when they are played indoors where the spectators are close and the sound is magnified, have revealed at least one “absolute truth,” he says. “That coach who is ranting and raving up and down the sideline, gesturing and emotionally reacting to calls and non- calls,” Uyl, the executive director of the Michigan High School Athletic Association, tells USA TODAY Sports, “I can tell you 100 percent of the time, that tends to inflame that school’s fan base. “The way that coaches act,” he says, “has a direct correlation for how their spectators act.”