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Four Things You Should Know About Synthetic Cannabinoids

The article discusses the differences between naturally occurring cannabinoids such as THC or CBD, and synthetic cannabinoids (cannabimimetics) which are created in a laboratory. Included is a description of cannabimimetics, usage, and legality. Cannabimimetics are dangerous and illegal for anyone, but they can also be ground for disqualification if found on a drug test for an elite athlete.

What Athletes Need to Know about Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

It is fairly common for people to have severe allergies that may require the use of an EpiPen. For athletes competing at the highest level this can get complicated as epinephrine is a banned substance according to the WADA Prohibited List. Athletes who experience an emergency and need to use an EpiPen are able to obtain a Therapeutic Use Exemption to retroactively excuse the use of a banned substance.

Fueling with Olympic Weightlifter Abby Raymond

Learn what it takes to get all the nutrition that an Olympic Weightlifter needs by exploring the diet of Abby Raymond. There are many constraints that an elite athlete must consider in their diet, including anti-doping rules, so Raymond uses a food-first approach. The food-first approach is a diet that does not need any nutritional supplementation outside of what the food itself already provides.